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Today Kuzey Star Shipyard is bringing a new approach and understanding to repair and maintenance services with providing its customers “All in One” services besides shipyard and docking services.

In order to offer its customers whole and complete repair and maintenance services, TEKNOMARIN also acquired the floating dock and pier of Torlak Shipyard in 2014.

Mast Maritime Services S.A. acts as main agent for Sales and after sales service for COSCO BOS BWTS in Greece, representing the COSCO WEIHAI SHIPBUILDING MARINE TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD.

Blue Ocean Shield (BOS) is a modularized ballast water treatment system, which is designed and developed by COSCO Shipbuilding Industry Company together with Tsinghua University. BOS adopts pure physical treatment method that is filtration and UV disinfection which is without any secondary pollution and negative impacts to the surroundings or ship.

“We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our colleagues and associates for visiting our stand during the prestigious maritime exhibition – Posidonia 2014.”

Nowadays time and cost saving is the most essential issue for owners/managers.

Our 3D scanning engineers ensure a planned and risk balanced result for modification or retrofit installation of equipment by reducing the potential for cost and budget overruns.