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"TEKNOMARIN MARINE TECHNICAL SERVICES", was established in 2010 by operating Celik Tekne Shipyard. Successful operation and management of Celik Tekne, led to the acquirement of KUZEY STAR SHIPYARD/YALOVA (Ex. Naci Selimoglu Shipyard) in 2013. In order to offer its customers whole and complete repair and maintenance services, TEKNOMARIN also acquired the floating dock and pier of Torlak Shipyard in 2014 and established TUZLA / ISTANBUL branch of KUZEY STAR SHIPYARD. 




Today "TEKNOMARINE TECHNICAL SERVICES" is bringing a new approach and understanding to repair and maintenance services with providing its customers "All in One" services besides shipyard and docking services. 




With the dynamic, experienced and expert staff, TEKNOMARIN is offering; repair and maintenance service of any kind of main engine and auxiliaries, repair and maintenance service of hydraulic and pneumatic systems, machine workshop and rectification works, agency service, spare parts and consumer goods supply. 

One of the most important principle of TEKNOMARIN is to always offer.
Fast and high quality service on time with fair price and alternative payment conditions in regard to the market conditions. 


With the aim of offering "All in One" service to our customers, TEKNOMARIN fully actively operates through the following departments;

 • Ship Building and Repair Department

 • Docking Department

 • Design Department

 • Technical Workshop Department

 • Hydraulic & Pneumatic Department

 • Electric & Electronic Department

 • Supply Department

 • Management Department 

• Agency Department




1. FLOATING DOCK [205,29m x 33,20m]
2. FLOATING DOCK [227,50m x 36,20m]
5. SLIPWAY [150,00 x 30,00m]
6. SLIPWAY [145,00m x 25,00m]
7. SLIPWAY [120,00m x  22,50m]
KUZEY STAR SHIPYARD, have 2 floating docks, repair berths and apart from the other yards in the region, we have our own workshop for machinery, hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical works etc.

Floating Docks Specifications
Floating dock Length(m) Breadth(m) Depth(m)
Floating dock 1 205 33 8
Floating dock 2 227 36 7.5


Lifting capacity: 13.000 TLC & 22.000 TLC respectively.
2000 mtr of wharfage  / 2 piers with 150x13 mtr and 115x13 mtr.  


KUZEY STAR SHIPYARD’s strongest points are:
i) in-house mechanical workshop (initial business of our shipyard owners),
ii) 108.000 m² shipyard area
iii) capacity of accommodating up to 10 vessels
iv) 140 own and up to 500 subcontracted staff





• Founded on 48.000 m² of area at total with 3.500 m² of closed facilities(workshops and warehouses)
• Total of 7 gantry cranes with different capacities and dimensions.
• 170x56 mslipway with capacity of 30.000 DWT.
• 385 m of wharfarge, 149.50 x 12.50 m of pier dimensions.


Teknomarin is Kuzeystar Shipyard special workshop.

Teknomarin Workshop founded on 2009 and have been continued activities in shipyard facility.