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As a branch of COSCO Shipbuilding Industry Company, COSCO (Weihai) Shipbuilding Marine Technology Co., LTD. was founded in year of 2011, and located in Weihai with manufacturing factory and land based laboratory. Relying on worldwide service networks of COSCO GROUP, accurate and thorough after-sales services can be provided.

Blue Ocean Shield (BOS) is a modularized ballast water treatment system, which is designed and developed by COSCO Shipbuilding Industry Company together with Tsinghua University. BOS adopts pure physical treatment method that is filtration and UV disinfection which is without any secondary pollution and negative impacts to the surroundings or ship.




COSCO BOS is a type approved system by all classification societies and already U.S. Coast guard (U.S.C.G.) granted acceptance in accordance with 33CFR 151.2026 in November 2013. Presently system is under U.S.C.G testing in DHI facilities in Singapore and under inspection by DNV who will submit final report and test results.

COSCO BOS has already been installed to a great number of vessels many of which belonging to COSCO Group. Such fact proves that reliability is an issue that is carefully examined in the early design process.

COSCO BOS system mainly composed of three units: Filter, UV reactor and Control panel. The advantage of filtration and UV irradiation is based on 100% physical treatment process, so system is stable, effective, poison less, and extensively applicable.




When ballasting, BOS filter can remove the sediments and micro-organisms in the seawater over 50μm. After that ballast water enters to the UV reactor and an appropriate dose of UV ray is generated in order to inactivate the remaining micro-organisms. During the whole process, filter back flushing and auto self-cleaning of UV lamp will be activated according to the pressure and light intensity change. The filter is automatically by-passed during de-
ballasting, and the ballast water receives a second UV-treatment during discharge as a safeguard to ensure discharged sea water comply with the request of port states.

COSCO BOS major parts are coming from reliable European makers making it one of the best UV-Filtration systems in the Market.