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Ship repair providers, as represented by our company MAST Maritime Services S.A. meet a stringent set of demands for supplying services under a pre-agreed framework that assumes a basic correlation between quality, price and time.

We are committed to conducting prompt and thorough preparation by reviewing in detail vessel’s dry docking specification, creating the best possible conditions for a minimized period stay in the ship yard, avoiding potential misunderstandings and delays and paving the way for a close working partnership.

MAST Maritime Services S.A. offers a wide range of cost effective repair services through a designated network of premium and well established work shops that are geographically positioned in strategic areas around the globe in order to minimize the ship’s idle periods and provide our clients with turnkey solutions to any project assigned to us.

Our network of associates offers reliable and trustworthy solutions literally at all times around the world.

 “Together with a list of highest class shipyards and quality workshops around the globe in key areas of trading such as N.America - S.America, China, Vietnam, Singapore, Nigeria and South Africa we can undertake any kind of repair project, acting as a reliable service partner.”