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Pre-Purchase Inspections. We can evaluate your potential assets, in the most accurate way through detailed and thorough inspections.
In connection with this we are preparing detailed report with pictures including assessment of condition of all ships structure and machineries and possible hidden defects, reporting of jobs that have to be done for the vessel as required by class and for upgrading the ships image, actual particulars and performances as taken from logbook.

Mast Maritime Services S.A. is one of the first companies in Greece involved in Ship Preservation (lay-up) / Reactivation / Recycling works having a total volume of more than 25 projects annually.

These projects include all kinds of vessels ranging from LNG to Bulk Carriers and moreover extending to offshore (Semi-Submersible oil rigs and Jack-Up rigs).

MAST Maritime Services S.A., proudly represents in Greece, the prestigious INTERNATIONAL CARGO GEAR BUREAU, INC. (ICGB), that is a not for profit membership corporation which provides recognized registration, inspection, certification, documentation, design evaluation, and consultation services throughout the world for materials handling appliances and devices that are afloat, shore-based, and offshore, including shipboard cargo handling gear, other cranes and derricks, cargo containers, road vehicles, and related equipment, always in accordance with the scope of the specific services agreed by the ICGB Headquarters Office.

 “Mast Maritime Services acts as a consulting partner for its clients, providing a tailor made and goal oriented consulting service in a competitive market value, bearing in mind the significant changes on safety and quality related issues within the last years.”